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Steam boiler Maintenance Checklist

A Boiler DiagramA Scotch-marine steam boiler, common in residential buildings, typically lasts 25 to 30 years with proper maintenance.

Following a regular maintenance schedule for your building's boiler plant will go a long way toward minimizing breakdowns and service interruptions. Here are some key items that should be a part of any building's operational plans.

Annual Maintenance

These maintenance items should be done once a year by a heating contractor between heating seasons (June to September):

  • Inspect and clean fireside surfaces.
  • Inspect all burner refractory material.
  • Inspect all manhole gaskets for leaks.
  • Inspect and test all system valves.
  • Inspect and test all safety valves.
  • Clean and rebuild low water cut-off.
  • Recalibrate all operating controls.
  • Overhaul feed water pumps.
  • Clean condensate receiver.
  • Inspect electrical terminals.
  • Switch boiler automation to summer mode.
  • Check fuel oil levels.
  • Clean and inspect chimneys.
  • Clean and tune boiler and components.

Periodic Maintenance

Canvas Pre Inspection Checklist Low Pressure Steam Boiler
Canvas Pre Inspection Checklist Low Pressure Steam Boiler ...
Boiler maintenance
Boiler maintenance
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