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Industrial Maintenance test

Advanced skills assessments from Nocti Business Solutions are just what you need to evaluate the skill level and competency of experienced workers. On this page, you'll find industrial blueprints for a wide range of occupations. Our standardized tests include the following:

DieMaking (632)
Electricity/Electronics (633)
Electrical/Electronics Maintenance (634)
General Industrial - Mechanical (635)
General Technical Skills (636)
Industrial Maintenance Technician (637)
Instrumentation and Control (638)
Instrumentation and Electrician Technician (650)
Lead Maintenance (639)
Machine Repair (640)
General Maintenance (647)
Maintenance (648)
Maintenance Mechanic (657)
Maintenance and Repair Mechanic (658)
Industrial Mechanic (662)
Maintenance Technician (480)
Manufacturing Technician (481)
Master Machine Repair (649)
Mechanical Systems(661)
Mechanical and Fluid Power Maintenance (663)
Mechanical Maintenance (664)
Pipefitter (669)
Toolmaker (670)

When you test through us, you'll receive detailed results that accurately show an individual's strengths and weaknesses. Our pre-employment testing services can help you make the right hire and identify specific areas where additional training may be necessary.

For individuals who have some degree of education, training, or workforce experience, our advanced skills assessments offer powerful insight on their abilities. Please browse our blueprint PDFs to learn more!

Performing A Water Test - Wood Furnace Maintenance
Performing A Water Test - Wood Furnace Maintenance ...
Lavapen AP50 - washing test maintenance trains bearing (TV11)
Lavapen AP50 - washing test maintenance trains bearing (TV11)
Mechanical Seal - Installation - Industrial Maintenance
Mechanical Seal - Installation - Industrial Maintenance ...
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