Industrial Door Maintenance:

Industrial Door Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance Service Plan for your Loading Dock & Doors

Having a Dock & Door Repair/Maintenance service plan is essential for the safety of your personnel, work environment and profitability. We provide professionally trained technicians who will evaluate your current loading dock and doors situation.

A full assessment of the condition and safety of your current loading dock area and warehouse doors will be made by a qualified dock tech. A detailed proposal and recommended service plan will then be provided to you in order to address any safety concerns.

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Types of Repair and Service May Include:

  • Door roller, hinges, and/or panel replacement
  • Greasing and maintenance on all moving door parts
  • Repair broken door drum and bearings
  • Align and balance doors
  • Full door replacements
  • Replace frayed door cables, and open 'hot' lines to prevent fire hazard
  • Install and repair all commercial opener and jacks shafts
  • Maintenance of dock levelers, seals, and under-leveler seals

You need routine maintenance on your Industrial Doors & Dock Equipment

Schedule a visit with us today. One of our service specialists will come to your site and inspect your current equipment. You'll be provided with a professional evaluation including a suggested maintenance plan.

* For customers within a 50 mile radius of zip code 75220 *

Cleaning and inspection of Industrial Doors, Dock Doors, and Dock Levelers

Safety inspection, cleaning, and maintenance service on industrial doors and dock levelers may include the following. *We understand that every facility will be different and may call for a customized solution.

Industrial & Dock Doors:

  • Check rollers and hinges, drums, springs
  • Greasing and maintenance on all moving parts
  • Align and balance door while checking internal gears and moving parts
  • Checking electrical connections and operator rails, if applicable

Dock Levelers:

  • Pit clean out - remove all debris
  • Lubricate dock leveler
  • Adjust hold down box
  • Check and tighten electrical and/or hydraulic connections
Industrial Sectional Door Replacement Panel
Industrial Sectional Door Replacement Panel
Industrial Doors – Elite Industrial Doors Ltd
Industrial Doors – Elite Industrial Doors Ltd
Industrial fast action doors - High speed doors - Folding
Industrial fast action doors - High speed doors - Folding ...
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