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Concrete Reinforcement Products for Construction Supply HousesConcrete Reinforcement Products for Construction Supply Houses

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At Metal Partners International, we provide construction supply houses with a full selection of concrete reinforcement products including rebar, dowel bars, and wire mesh. With over 20 locations placed around transportation hubs throughout the country, we are never far away from the jobsite and offer delivery within 300 miles of any of our locations.

Our team is dedicated to keeping a large stock of inventory on hand to ensure that projects can be completed quickly and according to schedule. We carry a number of different grades of plain rebar as well as epoxy coated rebar, all of which can be bent or cut to length as needed. In addition to rebar, plain dowels and epoxy dowels, we also offer wire mesh in both sheets and rolls. Any variety of these products can be combined and transported together meaning that all of the reinforcement products needed for a given job can be bundled and delivered in a single shipment for maximum convenience.

For precision applications, custom lengths can be produced using a band saw, which allows us to hold tolerances as tight as ±0.0625”. Blanket orders can be set up to provide customers with products as needed without requiring them to take delivery of large inventory all at once. We maintain a strong focus on providing high quality products and valuable services at competitive prices and strive to balance cost and convenience to provide maximum value to the customer. For additional information about our service to the construction supply house industry, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Products Plain Rebar
Epoxy Covered Rebar
Plain Dowel Bars Epoxy Coated Dowel Bars
Wire Mesh
Wire Rod Services Cutting
Packaging Inventory Management
Delivery Plain Rebar Grades Grade 60
Grade 40
Grade A706 Grade 75
NO Grade
MMFX Standard Lengths 20'
30' 40'
60' Sizes #3 #8 #9 #18 Epoxy Coated Rebar Sizes #3 #7 #8 #11 Dowel Bars (Plain & Epoxy Coated) Sizes 0.5"
0.75" 1"
1.5" Wire Mesh Sheets Style
6X6 - W1.4 / W1.4
6X6 - D2.1 / D2.1
6X6 - D2.9 / D2.9
6X6 - D4 / D4
4X4 - D2.9 / D2.9
4X4 - D4 / D4 Sizes
8' X 20'
8' X 15'
8' X 12.5'
5' X 10' Wire Mesh Rolls Style
6X6 - W1.4 / W1.4
6X6 - D2.1 / D2.1
6X6 - D2.9 / D2.9 Sizes
5' X 150'
6' X 150'
5' X 200'
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