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  1. Relaxation
    "We liked Snorkel hot tubs'
    relaxing, theraputic qualities."
    — Dave Rzewnicki,
    Warrenton, OR
  2. Natural Beauty
    "We wanted a tub that was as
    natural as our surrounding area."
    — Larry & Kate Loftus,
    Lostine, OR
  3. Energy Savings
    "My husband didn't want a
    huge electric bill (with a plastic spa)."
    — Patty Thompson,
    Highland Lakes, NJ
  4. Ambience
    "A plastic spa would have ruined the
    atmosphere of this old ranch."
    — L. C. Jensen, Maricopa, CA
  5. Low Maintenance Simplicity
    "I wanted a low-maintenance
    tub. No electricity, no bubbles,
    just hot water."
    — Larry Schuermann,
    Monroe City, MO
  6. Socializing
    "We talk, we visit, we solve the
    world's problems in our
    Snorkel Hot Tub."
    — Jay Kneib, Bremerton, OR
  7. Fun
    "We bought it just for the fun of
    it! Our Snorkel Hot Tub can be
    enjoyed by everyone."
    — Wendell Shiffler,
    Fairbanks, AK
  8. 8. Control Over Chemicals
    “I live an organic lifestyle.
    Sitting in a plastic vat of
    chemicals has no appeal to me.”
    — Ron Skinner,
    Arroyo Grande, CA
  9. Tradition
    “I’d used wooden hot tubs in
    — Charles Novogradac,
    Lawrence, KS
  10. Enjoyment of the Outdoors
    “The stars in the desert are
    brilliant on cold winter nights”
    — Rob Fulton, Baker, CA
  11. Pain Reduction
    "I got a Snorkel to ease back
    and elbow pain. Really soothes
    the muscles."
    —Walter Skinner,
    Windham, ME
  12. Health Boost
    "Soaking in warm water
    increases white blood cells to
    strengthen the body's immune
    — Joseph Kofler, Gaylord, MI
  13. Blessed Warmth
    "It's important to us to soak the
    chill from our bones each day."
    — Rick Bierman, Auke Bay, AK
  14. Peacefulness
    "Snorkel hot tubbing is great
    relaxation and therapy for
    worried minds."
    — Linda Sundberg, Madison, WI
  15. A Sense of Serenity
    "I enjoy hot tubbing physically,
    mentally, and spiritually."
    — Susan Boudreau, Seattle, WA
  16. No Electricity Needed
    "No electricity, no moving parts,
    no fuel cost, no plastic, no
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