Hitachi Construction Machinery

Hitachi Construction Equipment

For construction companies, no matter the size, it is imperative to keep the machines running as often and as long as possible. To handle equipment both accurately, efficiently and profitably contractors are looking to connected machines for answers.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) became one of the first companies in the world to connect its construction machinery. The connected equipment gathers information relating to location and operation. This data is used to comprehensively examine the state of the equipment and to provide the customer with a diverse range of service options including preventive maintenance and cost reductions.

For the contractor

Connected machinery helps contractors to improve processes including maintenance, operational support and security. As an example, better understanding of real-time equipment usage and appropriate maintenance can minimize the potential for costly and dangerous equipment failure.

Connected equipment provides HCM with opportunities for new revenue streams and product differentiation. New value-added services to customers include differentiated service guarantees, unique billing arrangements and more just-in-time delivery of heavy equipment.


Telenor Connexion’s reliable and well managed connected business solution allows us to continue to respond to our customers’ needs throughout the world by providing them with the value-added products and services they have come to expect from Hitachi Construction Machinery.

Fujio Matsuda, General Manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery, Global Business System Center, IT Promotion Division.

For society

Connected equipment can help improve the safety of construction workers through work alone alarms and real-time sensor alerts on for example a presence of a toxic material, high voltage, excessive water or many other things.

What we did

When heavy equipment manufacturer Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) was looking to connect their equipment they sought a partner with asset management experience, a flexible business model focused on long-term relationships and reliable connectivity. HCM also wanted a partner that could commit to the unique operational requirements associated with heavy machinery and ancillary services.


Hitachi Construction Machinery required two aspects of simplicity in the solution. First, it wanted a single provider of global connectivity. HCM did not want to contract multiple providers because that would have added complexity and cost. Second, HCM wanted simplicity in delivering the connectivity, the SIM and the M2M module through the supply chain. A simplified supply chain would reduce cost and equipment downtime for HCM.

The underlying connected business solution is based on a 2G/3G (GSM) SIM embedded in a M2M module. Telenor Connexion is the sole communications provider supplying this solution to HCM across 110 countries. We are using our extensive roaming partnerships to provide a ‘one-stop connectivity shop’ for HCM.

Experience and support

Hitachi Construction Machinery had some experience in connected asset management, but recognized their need for additional technology support. This additional support would yield cost savings for HCM, but also allow HCM to offer improved services and service guarantees to their customers.

We provide a 24/7 help desk for HCM to quickly resolve technical issues and a dedicated Account Manager to answer any day-to-day or development questions.

Another important aspect for HCM was our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which allows HCM to offer its customers a higher level of service guarantees and also affords increased security and operational support for the equipment.

Long-term commitment

The solution deployed by HCM is designed to evolve over time – as are all our solutions. As part of our commitment to continuous process improvement we host, together with HCM, bi-yearly technology workshops alternately in Sweden and in Japan. At these workshops, both companies jointly commit to the technology roadmap for ongoing service improvement.

2008 Hitachi 75D Excavator by RDO Equipment Co.
2008 Hitachi 75D Excavator by RDO Equipment Co.
Excavator Construction Equipment Auction
Excavator Construction Equipment Auction
Hitachi Construction Machinery Moscow Loader (equipment
Hitachi Construction Machinery Moscow Loader (equipment ...
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