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NEW HOLLAND ExcavatorAll used construction equipment at second hand market and auctioneers around the world and best manufacturers. Here you can find used construction equipment and used construction tools, construction trucks, dumpsters, debris removals, vacuums, construction fences & more! Here You can find wide selection of used construction machinery to compare prices and specs to make the right decision.

Construction Equipment for Sale

Although construction equipment and cranes can trace their history back to the days of Ancient Rome, it wasn't until the 19th and early 20th centuries that human and animal power began to be phased out in favour of new developments in, firstly, steam power and traction engines and, later, the internal combustion engine. It was the development of powered construction Equipment that made possible the building boom from which we have benefitted over the last hundred years. Notable manufacturers of construction machinery today include BOBCAT, CASE, DEMAG, DOOSAN, FIAT-ALLIS, HYUNDAI, INGERSOLL RAND, JCB, KUBOTA, NEW HOLLAND and WACKER NEUSON. The second hand market for used construction machinery is a busy and thriving one, with a rapidly changing and wide selection of equipment available. Here are the categories of used construction equipment we offer.


A descendant of the steam shovel, excavators are indispensable in the construction industry. They have numerous uses in addition to their primary purpose as mechanical shovels and diggers, including material handling, pile driving, landscaping and drilling shafts for footings. Versatile and capable, they are highly sought after in the used construction equipment market. Excavators are crucial machines in road construction and mining business in in construction industry. More information on excavators in different sizes and their usage areas in particular can be found on our used excavators page.

Schaeff TL 260 loaderLoaders

Designed for moving loose materials over short distances, loaders have evolved into general usage variants and highly specialised types. Wheel loaders are the most common and offer a high degree of versatility. For the greater stability and multi terrain capability provided by their tracks, crawler loaders are also particularly popular. Backhoe loaders have excavator attachments, swing loaders boast a swinging boom that is useful in limited spaces. For better deals find many and make a bargain.

Lifting Platforms

Capable of raising workers and equipment into high areas that are otherwise difficult to access, lifting platforms are ubiquitous in the construction industry. Otherwise known as access platforms, various types are available such as boom lifts, scissor lifts and mechanical lifts. Boom lifts are the most versatile and widely used. The usefulness and reliability of lifting platforms ensure there is always interest in them at used industrial equipment auctions.

Dump Trucks are Vehicles Used for Transporting Construction Materials

Dump trucks are construction vehicles generally used for the transportation of aggregate / construction materials necessary for the construction industry. They have an open box bed which can be lifted by hydraulics to empty the load via a hinged tailgate. However, there are also side dumpers and bottom dumpers for dropping a load exactly in situ. The toughness of dumpers make them a good deal on the dumpers for sale in used machines market.

HANSEN lifting platformConstruction Generators

Generators are the most essential equipment in the construction industry where there is often no convenient electricity supply available. They are also very useful to have on hand as a back-up for businesses in case of power failure. Being powered by petrol, diesel, gas or a hybrid system, they offer versatility and reliability. In order to not have to rely on the electricity grid, powerful generators can be used to supply a construction site. These can also power compressors, which supply machines like jack hammers with compressed air, or are used for general cleaning purposes. Find these used generators in auction on TradeMachines.

Used Road Construction Machinery

The used road construction machinery category covers a wide range of equipment such as used pneumatic tools, earth movers and compactors, and road surface preparation items, as well as ancillary equipment. All can be found at bargain prices at used construction equipment second hand market on TradeMachines.

Construction Cranes

Used to lift, lower and horizontally transport materials, cranes are vital in construction. From small jib cranes to soaring tower cranes they are manufactured for a wide variety of uses and situations and include overhead, mobile, truck mounted, sidelifting and all terrain variations. They are hot items in the used construction machinery second hand market.


Converting power into kinetic energy by the compression and pressurisation of air, compressors are used in a wide variety of applications in the world of construction. Pneumatic tools such as drills and jackhammers derive their motive force from compressors, making this versatile item of equipment extremely useful. You will find there's a wide choice of used compressors available in the auction environment, for example a Atlas Copco compressor

Concrete Machinery

The concrete machinery category covers all equipment used in the preparation, transport, delivery and usage of cement and concrete. This includes cement mixers and agitators, wet and dry batching plants, cement silos and concrete pumps, all of which tend to be built to last, making them a good investment in the used construction machinery market.

Where To Find Used Heavy Equipment

Used construction machinery can most readily be found at auction, where you can browse amongst the categories of equipment you require, comparing condition and prices. The advantage of used construction equipment is in the price, as these items when new can be on the costly side. Buying used heavy equipment is a safe option because such equipment is tough, durable, reliable and built to last. There is a vast number of auction houses spread throughout a number of countries, so the easiest way of seeing what's available is to get an overview. This is provided by TradeMachines, a site that gathers information about used heavy machinery auctions over a huge area, providing a marketplace hub where the best bargains online can be found, saving you time and effort. This site conveniently provides various ways of browsing for what you need, and also offers the security of knowing that we validate the legitimacy and reliability of the auction houses we work with. In this way the satisfaction of both buyer and seller is ensured.

Construction Equipment DEC 17, 2010 Surplus Auction
Construction Equipment ::: DEC 17, 2010 Surplus Auction
Construction Equipment Auction
Construction Equipment Auction
Excavator Construction Equipment Auction includes Cat,
Excavator Construction Equipment Auction includes Cat, ...
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