Lawn care maintenance services

Lawn Care maintenance services

You don't necessarily need to own all of these - for example, a rototiller can be rented when needed - but here's a primer on each tool and its uses.

Lawn mowers:
Types: Manual reel, gas push, electric push, riding, lawn tractor, zero radius and robotic
Purpose: Used to cut grass. Lawn tractors can be utilized as a multipurpose vehicle for hauling, plowing and other outdoor lawn and gardening tasks, as well.
Maintenance: The blades on all lawn mower models must be sharpened to provide desired results and even cutting services. All mowers except for the manual reel require regular oil changes and tune-ups to ensure the engine is properly functioning.

Types: Electric, gas powered
Purpose: Cuts a trench along walkways, driveways, around flower beds and other landscaping, giving the lawn a more manicured look.
Maintenance: The motors on these pieces of equipment require regular tune-ups to ensure that they are well lubricated and operational.

Leaf blowers:
Types: Gas, electric
Purpose: Provides an easier method of removing leaves and other light-weight debris from the lawn for easier clean-up. It can also be used to blow water from paved areas, rain gutters and snow from driveways.
Maintenance: Electric leaf blowers require minimal engine maintenance for tune-ups. Gas powered leaf blowers require regular tune-ups and maintenance to keep up with the demands of a two and four cycle engine.

Fertilizer spreaders:
Types: Rotary, drop and sprayer
Purpose: Used to evenly distribute fertilizer over lawn and gardening surfaces.
Maintenance: When you have finished using the fertilizer spreader you will want to spray the holding compartment out with a garden hose. It is important to ensure that excess fertilizer is not left stored with the equipment, as this can cause explosion hazards.

Types: Various shapes for different tasks.
Purpose: Used to remove leaves and debris from the lawn, under bushes, in flower beds and other areas where debris may gather
Maintenance: Spray the rake with a garden hose when you have finished using it and before storing it. If the forks for the rake are connected to the handle with a screw or rivet, you will want to inspect this prior to using it.

Type: Various shapes and sizes for different tasks.
Purpose: To remove soil, grass and other materials.
Maintenance: Spray the shovel or spade with a garden hose after using it. If the head of the shovel or spade is connected to the handle with a rivet or screw, inspect this before using the tool.

Type: Manual, gas, electric
Purpose: Used to remove dead or undesired limbs, leaves and branches from bushes, trees, flowers and other plants around the yard for a more manicured look.
Maintenance: Remove dirt and debris from the blades when not in use and prior to storing to prevent rusting or damage. Blades must be sharpened periodically for desired results.

Lawn Care Service, Lawn Maintenance in Granger IA 50109
Lawn Care Service, Lawn Maintenance in Granger IA 50109
Locale Edge Lawn Care service maintenance landscaping salt
Locale Edge Lawn Care service maintenance landscaping salt ...
Lawn Care and Landscaping Service - Maintenance 954
Lawn Care and Landscaping Service - Maintenance 954 ...
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