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Lawn Care, maintenance

Lawn Care Tips & ScheduleEven though you and your lawn are still soaking up the summer sun, it’s never too early to start preparing for harsher weather. Taking care of your yard is year round business, even after you put the mower and hoses in storage.

We’ve got you covered with lawn care schedule and tips on how to finish out the summer, gear up for the months ahead and give you a head start on a flawless-looking lawn yard next spring.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

  • Your mower will be in high gear for the remaining hot summer months. Be sure to mow at the highest blade setting to prevent grass blades from shredding and encourage root growth.
  • If it’s not restricted, be sure to water your grass regularly and in the morning hours, when it’s most efficient. This is especially important if you will be leaving on vacation.
  • Avoid walking on a dry lawn as it can cause more damage to grass and soil.
  • Now is the time to perform routine summer mower maintenance. Be sure to check filters, fluids and the spark plug. If you don’t have one at home, pick up a lawn mower tune-up kit.

Fall Yard Care Tips

  • As the weather begins to cool, fertilizing your yard is critical. This will provide an added nutrient boost to your soil that will keep roots growing during the dormant winter months.
  • Seeding your grass in fall will protect it during winter, and it can also help repair lawn damage from the hot summer months.
  • Blow or rake leaves from your yard at least once a week. Not only will this keep your yard looking clean, but leaves can block sunlight from reaching your grass and soil, causing dead patches come spring.
  • When mowing season is complete, safely winterize your riding mower or store your walk behind mower.

Spring Grass & Mower Maintenance TipsWinter Lawn Maintenance Tips

  • In late fall or early winter, depending on where you live, your final mowing of the year should leave your grass as short as possible to prevent grass blades from bending under the weight of snow. This will also reduce the risk of snow mold.
  • Clear your yard of outdoor furniture, pots, logs and other decorative items. If these are left on the lawn they can create dead patches come spring. Periodically check for debris when snow cover occurs.
  • Keep your sidewalks clear of ice and snow to discourage people from walking across the grass.
  • Once the snow clears, fertilize your grass again. This will replace reserves that were used up during winter, and get your yard ready for growing.
  • Treat your lawn with a weed prevention spray to prevent growth of pesky crabgrass and other grassy pests.
  • Don’t clear your grass clippings – the lawn can recycle these shreds to encourage growth.
"New Lawn care equipment" Mower Maintenance
"New Lawn care equipment" Mower Maintenance
This week in Lawn care & Garden Maintenance #1
This week in Lawn care & Garden Maintenance #1
Pepper Pike Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Mowing, Lawn
Pepper Pike Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Mowing, Lawn ...
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